Fan Reviews of "Asteroid Belt"

If you've never heard Velvet Chain, you really need to give them a try. They are a indie band with massive amounts of talent and a lead singer (Erika Amato) who is a real diva. The music blends with Erika's voice to form complex harmonies that are not easy to describe in words. There is no one
musical style, rather they take from here and there to make a sound all their own. All the styles blend beautifully and make for an experience that you have to hear to believe.

Their latest album, "Asteroid Belt" is no exception; in fact it takes their music up a notch. The styles get more eclectic and the songs more beautiful. I have only known about Velvet Chain for 2 years, but I cannot imagine life without them.

Matt Vandover
Montgomery VIllage, MD

I just want to say that I've been listening to Asteroid Belt all week. I love it! At first it took a couple of listens, but has grown on me and continues to. I keep noticing different things all the time and because of that, it's going to be a favorite of mine. It's refreshing to hear such creativity and Erika, your voice is simply beautiful. This album was worth the wait.

Cristine Rigda
Canfield, Ohio
I listen to music to put me in a mood or to fulfill a mood. Asteroid Belt put me in a trance immediately (as the music has before). I fell in love with Erika's voice and very much like the smoothness, combined with the crisp jazz instrumentals and cosmic grooves...

Wilma Kaddissi
Sydney, Australia

I waited eagerly for Asteroid Belt to arrive and it did not
disappoint. The basic musical style is a nice progression from their
previous works: Warm and Moody Groove Music. It would, however, be much
easier to review if the music fit into an easily definable category. It
doesn't. For me, that tends to add, rather than detract, from the
listening pleasure. If forced to give a short description, the best I
can come up with is a kind of jazz/rock fusion with a futuristic twist I
didn't hear in their earlier releases. Erika's jazzy rendition of
"Green-Eyed Lady" is well worth the price of admission. I expect Asteroid
Belt will receive plenty of play time on my CD players - at home, at
work, or in the car.

Bob Averell
Pittsburgh, PA

To VC,

Feel free to use this review in part or in whole, as I have done my best to use words and metaphors to express my heartfelt amazement at this CD.
- Steve

A Fan's Review of "Asteroid Belt"

Velvet Chain's latest CD, "Asteroid Belt", will transport you to so many exotic, faraway and cool places, you'll need to have your mental passport cleared for international and intergalactic destinations. From the gentle tingly thrill of weightlessness in "King of the Moon" through some time in the Galactic Drive Chamber in "Spectrum Analyzer" all the way to some cruisin' music to the "Other Side", your Velvet Chain companions will see to it that your experience of all travel destinations is up-close and first-rate. One of my personal favorite places on this tour is the extended visit to one of the Galaxy's more intimate night-spots in "Beat Box" and "Everyone Loves the Art of Noise". Think of a cool beatnik grotto - in orbit around Saturn - and you're ALMOST there.

"Asteroid Belt" is one of those CD's that you will want to listen to from start to finish. It's got sixteen tracks, and not ONE of them is a throw-away. From conception, performance and through to production, all tracks take the best of Velvet Chain and deliver it in fresh expressions of talent, skill and creativity which grab the senses, engage the mind and take the soul on some of those journeys its been yearning for. In classic trip-hop style, the seamless, dreamlike transitions between musical settings continue to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination. One aspect of the development of VC as a band which is very apparent in "Asteroid Belt" is the flexibility of musical roles in the members. Each member of the band produces free-form sound which might be thought of as being the sole realm of the "DJ", and Erika is as natural and effective as a background voice as she is in the lead role. I think that this has always been true of VC, but it has grown and shows itself more in "AB".

The only downside to "Asteroid Belt" is that, when I listen to it in its entirety, it ends too soon! It's got 16 tracks and has an hour and four minutes of music on it, so I can't figure out what the problem is. Maybe this album takes the listener through a time-warp!

If it's bang-for-the-buck that you're looking for, "Asteroid Belt" delivers! At ANY price, NO ONE takes you this far, to this many aMAZing places in this kind of style. For the price of admission, this CD is a treasure. For every VC fan, it is a MUST HAVE. If you're not sure yet whether you're a VC fan, I envy you the discovery of this unique band which lies ahead for you. To all of you, my best advice is to get yourself a copy of "Asteroid Belt", sit back, and experience the journey!

Steve "The Doc" Bulack
(VC Fan for 14 months)

The Velvet Chain's "Asteroid Belt" is ALIVE, vital and hypnotizes you with star dust while it pulses through your body. Erika Amato's voice astounds! She not only rocks your soul throughout, but also moves you heart with her thrilling rendition of "L'Anamour."

Dean Regan

Van Nuys, CA
The new "Asteroid Belt" album is an astonishing piece of work. I'm so pleased you guys took the time over it that you did - it was well worth the wait! Since getting it its hardly been off my player. I think it far and away the most mature work to date - all the varied influences and grooves that are apparent in the different tracks on the earlier albums are beautifully synthesised into every song on 'Asteroid Belt'.

You have a unique and wonderful sound all of your own and the musicianship and arrangements are quite astonishing, as is the range and expressiveness of Erica's beautiful voice. I've loved the music ever since I first glimpsed you on Buffy and, immediately after the show aired here in the UK, rushed to the PC to 'google' you.

It was exciting to hear 'Warm' in its entirety a few days later after I'd ordered it from the website and realise that the 'Buffy' tracks were only the tip of an amazing and brilliant iceberg. 'Moody Groove' was even more of a revelation. And now 'Asteroid Belt' takes the sound even further. From cool jazz to electronica to franco-pop, I absolutely love it! I've always had an eclectic taste in music - I love everything from Jazz to Trip-hop to Rock to Classical to Ambient. Obviously I have 'favourite' musicians in each genre...but there's only one band that embraces all these styles, synthesises them all into a glorious wholeness and then adds their own unique and original sensibility on top... Er, that's you of course!

Thanks with all my heart for the music. You're wonderful. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you have a great holiday over Xmas.

Regards from the UK,

Jon Dixon
Derby, England

Been going to sleep to "Asteroid Belt" every night... Weird dreams.

Karl Partch
Chatsworth, CA

It's hard to capture all the sounds I heard on your newest album - not an easy task for such a varied and aural delight it is. I'm glad I was introduced to you guys' eclectic sound.

Andrew Ramirez
Kingsville, TX

I always think of Velvet Chain as producing music with a mix of genres. It's a nice alternative to what I usually hear on the radio, so I was eager to receive this CD in the mail. One of the main things I noticed when I first listened to "Asteroid Belt" was that it is more jazzy than VC's other albums. (This is a good thing, since I enjoy jazz.) Songs like "Sea of Tranquility," "Everyone Loves the Art of Noise," and of course, "Jazz Crashing" are examples of this. I'm all for music with a techno sound, and "Spectrum Analyzer" feeds this affinity. "Limo," "Other Side," and "I Spy" remind me of the classic mellow Velvet Chain songs as Erika's voice shines though. I also loved the cover of "Green-Eyed Lady" - VC put an interesting spin on the old song. To top it all off, Erika sings in French on the track "L'Anamour" which was a nice reminder of "Oui Je L'Adore" from their "Moody Groove Music" album. Overall, I love this new album. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to hear unique music that is accentuated by Erika Amato's amazing voice.

Heather Lo
Oro Valley, AZ
I just got my package from you including Asteroid Belt. Firstly, congrats on the album -- its fantastic and i hope it is very successful for you. Kinda stuck on "You Remind Me," at the moment is my fave song straight off. Thanks again and keep it up.

David Flynn
Dublin Ireland
Your new album rocks. I think the best songs from "Asteroid Belt" (at least the ones I enjoy the most) are "I spy" and "Other Side". I especially like "Jazz crashing" for too. I'll write more about it after a few more listenings.

Loris Stehle
Lausanne, Switzerland
My lava lamp is getting a workout on this one.!!!

Ruben Cooper IV
Niceville, FL

This is the third VC album I've bought, and I have to say: The music gets better and even more amazing as time goes on! I got it fairly quickly after ordering it, and since then, it's been on repeat. Erika's voice is so mesmerizing; it's unique, jazzy, and it just flows so beautifully.

My personal favorite song on the album is "Floating Away". It really makes you feel that way! VC music has the abilty to move me so much, compared to others, it just makes me want to sway with the various combinations of instruments and vocal sounds. It really is refreshing to see a band out there that has songs that are *different* from each other - compared to all of the mainstream artists that all sound similar to one another. Thanks for putting out yet another amazing collection of art! I can't wait to hear what comes next!

Alison Reiss
Issaquah, WA

Just a short note to say the new CD arrived last week and I listened to it
over the weekend. Stunning! An excellent piece of work and well worth the wait.

Timothy Fry
East Sussex, England

I had to listen to the Asteroid Belt album a few times to get used to it. Now, it's my favorite CD. I keep hearing new things, and the overall style is so different from everything else. It's great.

Cindy Maslin

New York, NY

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