Velvet Chain's music combines modern grooves and textures with elegant melodies and hard rock power. They're a trip-hop band mixed with a rock band, a pop band, and a funk band. One thing for sure -- they absolutely don't sound like any other band.

If you had to compare, you might say they're like a cross betweed Portishead and the Pretenders. Or like Moby mixed-up with the Doors and early Roxy Music. They are an intensely creative and unique pop band that manages to make music that's both eclectic and accessible at the same time.

The Velvet Chain sound is easily identifiable, yet the band's overall style is multi-dimensional. They'll be all smooth, dark and melodic - graceful and delicate - then the next thing you know, you're into a really heavy groove, and you don't know how you got there. You never know what's coming next with this band.

This "smooth unpredictibility" is fundamental to their style. It creates a tension in the music that's both mesmerizing and alluring. Yet, no matter how much variety and stylistic diversity they throw at you, you can always tell it's them.

Velvet Chain is fronted by award-winning vocalist, Erika Amato, and headed by composer-producer-bassist Jeff Stacy. The band's magic lies in the perfect match between Jeff Stacy's musical style and Erika Amato's voice and vibe. This combination is the essence of Velvet Chain's instantly recognizable, liquid-explosive sound.

Velvet Chain's most valuable asset is lead singer Erika Amato. Erika has a confident and commanding stage presence, with a silky, hauntingly pure voice. She releases her vocal power with exquisite style and ease, singing with remarkable technical skill and versatility -- yet, her stage presence remains down-to-earth and gracious. Erika is a class-act, starkly beautiful, intelligent, sincere, and always in command of the room. She's an elegant rocker with a smokey-vixen kind of sex appeal that she owns like her voice.

Velvet Chain is based out of Los Angeles, where they enjoy a large local following. The band has released 4 albums and amassed a fan database of over 10,000 worldwide. They are well-known for technical innovation, including a "super-enhanced" Live CD containing a 24 minute concert movie in QuickTime, and the "Custom Velvet Chain Album," where fans choose both the songs and the artwork via the VC website. Velvet Chain also appeared on the popular television show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," as well as the show's soundtrack album, selling over 300,000 units worldwide. The band itself has sold over 16,000 units via the internet, gigs, and traditional distribution.

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