Velvet Chain's "The Buffy E.P."

Velvet Chain appeared on one of the first episodes of the cult hit, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." In this episode, two Velvet Chain songs were used ~ "Strong," and "Treason." This television appearance (and repeats of the episode) have created national exposure for Velvet Chain in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world. The band's dark, moody vibe has attracted thousands of Buffy fans to the Velvet Chain website.

Due to the overwhelming response from the Buffy fan base, and because the band thinks the show is so cool, Velvet Chain decided to write their own theme song to the show. This song, called, "Buffy," led to the release of Velvet Chain's "The Buffy E.P." -- originally released on Feb. 6, 1999 at the annual Buffy the Vampire Slayer Posting Board Party, held in Hollywood. (Velvet Chain performed at this fund-raising event for Buffy fans, cast, crew and producers -- Velvet Chain also performed at the show's production wrap party in 1998, held at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, and subsequently headlined again at the Buffy Posting Board Party in 2000, also held at the El Rey).

The Buffy E.P. is on Freak Records (Velvet Chain's own label), and was originally intended primarily for Buffy fans. The CD was originally available only at Velvet Chain's website and other online sources. However, due to the success of the E.P., the growing popularity of Velvet Chain, the continued popularity of the Buffy show, and the major label release of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack (which includes the Velvet Chain song "Strong") -- Velvet Chain's "The Buffy E.P." has been released nationally (through Bayside Entertainment Distribution).

Because of Velvet Chain's success with the Buffy show and its fans, the creation of "The Buffy E.P." seemed an appropriate response by the band. A strong connection had obviously occurred, so Velvet Chain created an E.P. specifically for Buffy fans. This E.P. also provided an intermediate release between the band's full-length CD, "Warm," and the release of the band's new album, "Moody Groove Music," which came out in April of 2000.

Interesting facts about The Buffy E.P.: 1. Seth Green (a major character on the show ~ "Oz") contributed guitar tracks on the song, "Buffy," and appears in the album credits. This is Seth Green's first (and currently only) album credit. Seth Green has also performed with the band on occasion.

2. Nicholas Brendon (a major character on the show ~ "Xander") appears in the photograph on inside sleeve of the E.P., with his twin brother Kelly. (Nicholas and Kelly did the photo shoot as a favor to the band).

3. While writing the lyrics to the song, "Buffy," Jeff Stacy logged on to the Buffy Posting Board (on the Buffy website) and asked fans for their ideas about what a Buffy song should say. He received over 100 e-mails from Buffy fans within three days.

4. "The Buffy E.P." contains the original version of the Velvet Chain song, "Strong," which is the version the band performed on the Buffy show. A new, more up-tempo version of the song was recorded for the "Warm" album, and the original version was out of print prior to the release of "The Buffy E.P." Both versions of the song are included on Velvet Chain's "The Buffy E.P."

5. The other song performed by Velvet Chain on the Buffy show,"Treason," was not included on the original "Buffy E.P." because it was available in the same form on the "Warm" album. This song, however, has been added to "The Buffy E.P." for the nationally released version, along with the new version of "Strong" which appears as a "hidden track" (it is not numbered and plays approximately 30 seconds after the end of the CD). Therefore, the new version of "The Buffy E.P." contains eight tracks instead of six. Artwork for the nationally released version was revised, and the audio was re-mastered.

Tracks on "The Buffy E.P." now include: 1) Buffy ~ Velvet Chain's own theme song to the show. 2) Watching You ~ new song. 3) Lovin' Ain't So Easy ~ Original single from Velvet Chain's rare "Groovy Side" CD (currently out of print). 4) Strong ~ Original version, as performed on Buffy. 5) Treason ~ As performed on Buffy. 6) I Don't Care ~ Unreleased Velvet Chain song originally written for film. 7) Frenchie (extended club mix) ~ Previously released on vinyl only. (8) Hidden Track: Strong ~ new version from the Warm Album.