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You can write Velvet Chain at:

Velvet Chain

137 N. Larchmont Blvd. #535

Los Angeles, CA 90004

If you send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope
we'll put a free sticker in it an mail it back to you
(and don't forget to let us know your email address)


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1. How can I get an autographed CD?

To obtain a signed CD or other Velvet Chain merchandise signed by Erika Amato and/or Jeff Stacy, simply place an order in the "Store" section of this site using the MAIL ORDER option (not via credit card), and include a note when you send in your order form. The merchandise will arrive to you signed per your request.

1. How can I buy VC Stuff if I don't have a credit card?

You can order without a credit card by simply sending in a check or money order (traditional mail order). Just go to the "Store" section of this site and follow the directions. You will be given a choice to purchase with a credit card or by mail order. If you choose mail order, your order form will be created for you, reflecting what you wish to order, shipping costs, and your total. You just print out this form and send it in with a check or money order and your stuff will be delivered to you in about two weeks. It's as simple as that.

3. Is Velvet Chain going to tour again?

Velvet Chain will, indeed tour again. The timing of this depends on many factors, but if you're on Velvet Chain's email list, you will definitely know about it.

4. Can I buy Velvet Chain's music in the record store?

Sometimes. "Warm" and "The Buffy EP" can usually be found at, or ordered through Tower Records, Boarders Books, and some other outlets. "Moody Groove Music" is currently NOT available at any record stores because Velvet Chain believes it makes more sense to sell its music over the internet than in traditional retail outlets. The main reason is that it's a better deal for both the band and the consumer. We don't want our CD's priced at $18.95. That's just too high.. Also, most of the people that would go into a record store and buy our music are people who have already heard of us anyway and can easily find us on the internet, and purchase our music directly.

5. How did Velvet Chain get on Buffy?

See the "Buffy" section of this website.

6. How can I get a copy of the "Groovy Side" CD?

The "Groovy Side" CD is currently out of print, and will probably stay that way. All of the songs on it (except for three) appear on either the "Warm" album or "The Buffy EP" anyway. The three songs that don't appear on these albums are available via the Custom Velvet Chain CD.

7. Is the "WARM" album going to come back into print?

Yes, WARM will definitely become available again in the future (probably as a result of a record deal).