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Tracks on "Erika's Mix" were chosen
by the Diva herself.

This CD is signed by Erika and includes a signed, 8 x 8 in. mini-poster of the album cover.

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Hear 30 to 50 second song excerpts.
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1 Can't Stay Away
Mellow Dark Pop 2:55 J. Stacy
E. Amato
A VC sleeper. Quietly popular. Recorded in one day at a rogue recording session set up on the fly.
2 Watching You
Trip-Hop Pop 7:34 J. Stacy
A. Costa
E. Amato
Jeff's favorite VC production. This one is a "connected" piece withboth live drums and loops. Features Brian's signature VG8 guitar sound.
3 Medicine Man
GroovePop 4:16 J. Stacy
S. Storey
A cruiser - probably one of VC's best-written songs.
4 Strong
(Original Version)
Trip-Hop Pop 4:27 J. Stacy
E. Amato
Probably the most well-known VC song. It's the one on the Buffy Soundtrack, which sold about 300,000 copies worldwide. So this song has an unfair advantage over the other songs, and because of this, the other songs are pissed.
5 Emily
Dark Pop 4:51 J. Stacy A long time fave of many VC fans. High on the list.
6 I Don't Care
Dark Trip Pop 6:51 J. Stacy
E. Amato
Recorded in the living room, and put on the Buffy EP. Another quietly popular song.
7 Frenchie
Extended Club Mix
Techno Trip Groove 8:43 J. Stacy
E. Amato
Made by Jeff Stacy for the Buffy EP.
8 You Got Me
Funky Groove Alt. Pop 3:37 J. Stacy It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it.
9 Come to Me
Trip Groove Funk Rock 5:39 J. Stacy Classic, much requested VC. Very much the VC vibe.
10 Walk on Water
Trippy Groove Pop 4:17 J. Stacy
E. Amato
One of Erika's faves - and Jeff's too. Maybe the most "Velvet Chain"songthere is... well... and "Come To Me."
11 Wait for Me
Cruisin' Groove Pop 4:55 J. Stacy
E. Amato
Good driving music. Fun for the band to play.
12 Don't Leave A Diva (Live)
Trip-Hop FunkRock 6:39 J. Stacy
J. Brucker
A much different version. (Erika loves this one.)
13 My One Desire
Alt.Rock 3:12 J. Stacy This is the only straight-up studio track on the Live Album. Erika tears this one up.
14 Treason Live
Dark Pop 5:06 J. Stacy
E. Amato
T. Calzini
Excellent version of what is arguably VC's best song.
15 Fall Away
Mellow Pop 3:54 J. Stacy
A. Calamusa
A beauty. If you like the pretty stuff, pick this one.
16 Oui Je L'Adore
EuroSwing Pop 3:19 F. Loizeau
S. Ocon
Vocals in French, and a very popular song live - Brian's fave. (Brian plays the sweet Gretsch and Baritone guitars).

This CD is available exclusively to members of Viva La Diva

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