Here are some comments from Velvet Chain fans on the "Moody Groove Music" album:
"The new album has truly captured the verve and vitality of Velvet Chain's live shows. As someone's who's been around Velvet Chain from the beginning -- from watching shows years ago in their rehearsal space to seeing them become a fixture in the LA Club scene -- I can say this: the new album is a testament to the talent of Velvet Chain, their ability to continually evolve, their penchant for surprises, and their endless capacity to never disappoint." Ophir F., Los Angeles, CA.

"Thank you for making one of the best albums I've heard in years. It's brilliant." Julie B., San Deigo, CA.


"Help! I can't stop listening to the first track!" Robert O., Lanham, MD.

The new album is every bit as good as anticipated and on constant rotation in the CD changer. The only thing preserving marital bliss in my house is the fact that we have 2 copies so there is never a problem with someone hogging it in their car." Karl P., Chattsworth, CA.

"Great stuff. More complex... I love Fall Away... oddly comforting in a way. Oh and on Little Sugar that one note Erika hits at 2:19 seconds in... great stuff..." Eric Z., Bellevue, NE.


"Moody Groove Music is an awesome album. I've already worn out my "Warm" CD listening to it so much so now I have new songs to get hooked on." Jena M., Arlington, TX.

"That French song, Oui Je L'adore is constantly stuck in my head." Maren H., Tracy, CA.

"The new album is really an amazing piece of work. I can't stop listening to it. Velvet Chain has always had a cool and unique sound, but this new stuff has taken it to the next level." John R., San Francisco, CA.

"Love the album! You Got Me and Oui Je l'adore (probably spelling it incorrectly, but you know...) are my faves, but there are a half dozen that are right up there. I've been mentioning the album in all my columns." G-Man, Music Journalist, Calabassas, CA.

Just thought I'd let you know, I got the CD today. And it's f***ing great! My official review: AHEM! Moody Groove Music is smooth and mesmerising...completely unique and haunting in its echoing melodies and lyrics. The songs draw you into a dreamlike and darkened place where only your senses will save you from the reality beyond Erika's satin voice. Moody Groove Music leaves behind all the simplicity and clumsiness of pop music and introduces a new sound layered with practically every influence in the book, delicately interwoven to hypnotize and seduce audiences. Every song is a soundtrack of a voyage into the erotic..... (Wow, I'm actually pretty good at that, huh?)" Michelle D., Las Vegas, NV.


"Velvet Chain's Moody Groove Music is an amazing journey into all things that make music kick ass! "MGM" takes you on an emotional tour of all things Velvet Chain...It takes you up...brings you down and soothes you, and just when you think it's kicks your ass again! The polished sounds, the sultry voice, the driving bass, the irresistible grooves all add up to make the new Velvet Chain CD a must have for any fan of real music..."Moody Groove Music" is one of those CD's that will be in my player for a LONG, LONG time!" Rupert C., Burbank, CA.

"I have been a Velvet Chain fan for 5 years, and I have to say that Moody Groove Music is the best VC effort to date. The whole album captures the energy or VC's lives shows. I just dig this album -- Little Sugar is a total show stopper! Watching You is very groovy. Erika's voice blows my mind on Fall Away. The "french song" is totally fun and I can't get "Why Can't you Behave" out of my mind -- I need to play if for my boyfriend! Southwestern... Velvet Chain is the only band that can make a rockin' tune about interior decorating! Beyond Time is one of the best new songs...groovy, fun, sultry. And I saw the new video at the show and it's excellent!" Laura B., Santa Monica, CA.

"I just wanted to let you guys know that I just listened to the CD & I completely Love it!!! Hope to see you guys live soon!!" Lupe M., Los Angeles, CA.

"Just had to let you know how much I am enjoying the new VC album, which I just received this week. Once again, VC's intelligent lyrics and innovative interlocking rhythms demonstrate why the band's work constitutes the funky-sexy-smooth-sophisticated-worldly music for the new mellenium. Incidentally, I was also listening to the "Warm" CD earlier this week and I have to say, that album still sounds fresh and cutting edge too. I think it has something to do with the music's amalgamation of styles, and the fact that the songs always move in directions the listener least expects. That keeps things fresh." Mary-Christine S, Encino, CA.