VC Opens for the Tubes
In December, 2002, Velvet Chain played a show at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts, opening for the legendary 80's band "The Tubes."

New VC album scheduled for spring 2003 release
After announcing that the upcoming VC release, "Asteroid Belt" might be a double album (with the second disc being purely experimental music), the band decided to release the music together on a single disc. As the recordings progressed, some of the "experimental" tracks became new songs, and in general, the album has been morphing. The new recording is nearly complete however, and should be available by spring, 2003.

Erika Amato Cast as Lead in Two Stage Productions
Over the Summer, Erika Amato was cast in the lead roles of two musicals, including the role of "Maria" (made famous by Julie Andrews) in "The Sound of Music." Erika also played the female lead ("Luisa") in the Tony Award-winning musical, "NINE."

Velvet Chain Performs in Baltimore
Velvet Chain headlined the CreepCon Sci-Fi/Horror Convention in Baltimore Maryland, performing at a downtown Baltimore club (The Vault) on June 7th and 8th. The June 8th performance was a charity event hosted by the Bronze Shelter. Velvet Chain also participated at the CreepCon event itself with a VC merchandise table.

Sound Asylum Recording Studios co-owned by Jeff Stacy
Jeff Stacy (VC's Fearless Leader) has recently become co-owner and in-house Producer at Sound Asylum Recording Studios (the studio where Velvet Chain recorded Moody Groove Music and mixed VC Live at the Temple Bar). The studio's website is: www.Sasylum.com

Erika Amato in the Musical, "Knight Life"
Erika Amato appeared in the world premiere of theatrical musical production called, "Knight Life." This play was written by Robert Sternin and Prudence Fraser (writers of "The Nanny" and "Who's the Boss") with music composed by Jeff Barry (Songwriting Hall of Fame member who wrote "Chapel of Love," "Leader of the Pack," and other 60's hits). Produced by Music Theater Santa Barbara.

Erika Amato stars in weird new Indie Film Short, "Beppo the Clown"
"Beppo the Clown" is a new 20 minute short from Vaughn Verdi (the writer/director of SMACK), starring Erika Amato. This is another strange and controversial work from Mr. Verdi who is turning a lot of heads in the indie film world (as is Erika and her co-star Joseph Pesce). "Beppo the Clown" is certain to be seen at several film festivals in upcoming months. More info coming soon. Stills and video clips from this new film short will be up on this website shortly. --- The edgy indie film "SMACK," also starring Erika Amato, is still going strong and most recently screened at the Kansas City Jubilee Film Festival in Kansas City, KS in April, 2002, and at the Method Fest Film Festival in Pasadena, CA.
To see scenes from "SMACK," go to:



Velvet Chain Releases 5 New CDs In One Day!
In a move that grew out of their "Custom VC Album" idea, Velvet Chain has released five new "Specialized CDs" incorporating various combinations of the 61 Velvet Chain tracks available for the Custom VC Album. These new Specialized CD include: Best of Velvet Chain, Velvet Chain ~ Soft Sounds, Jeff Stacy's Custom Album, Velvet Chain Instrumentals Only, and Erika's Mix. (Erika's mix is available exclusively to members of the VivaLaDiva fan club). To see more about these unique albums <Click Here>

VC Song "You Got Me" Used On HBO's "Sex And The City"
The Velvet Chain song "You Got Me" from the band's album "Moody Groove Music" was recently used in an episode of the hit HBO television series "Sex And The City."

Erika Amato Stars in Independent Feature Film, "Smack"
"Smack" is a dark comedy exposing the ironies and complexities of an entrenched drug culture and the strange balance of power among its various players. It is a gritty, sophisticated independent film containing adult themes. Erika plays the part of a foul-mouthed, manipulative female pimp named "Mr. Snooper." Her character is the primary source of comic releif , and is one of the film's power players. "Smack" debuted in July at the "Flix on 66" Film Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The film also ran in July at the "Dances with Films" festival in Los Angeles. To see video from this film <Click Here>

Erika Amato goes on "Win Ben Stein's Money" AND WINS!
Modern-alternative Diva and lead singer of Velvet Chain, Erika Amato, went on the Comedy Central game show "Win Ben Stein's Money" and dominated the show from start to finish, including BEATING BEN STEIN in the final round and taking home the $5,000 maximum prize. This is no easy feat and is, in fact, considered one of the most difficult game show wins on television today. To see video footage of Erika's ass-kicking performance <Click Here> For more information on the "Win Ben Stein's Money" TV show, go to: www.comedycentral.com/tv_shows/winbensteinsmoney

VC Releases the "Custom Velvet Chain Album"
Velvet Chain continues to break new ground by being the first independent band in the world to offer completely customized, made-to-order, full-quality CDs for their fans. Via the band's website, fans can select 14 Velvet Chain tracks from among 61 choices. They also select artwork, song order, and other elements. To see this amazing product in action <Click Here>

Erika Amato Featured on "Women of MP3"
Every month, MP3.com promotes 4 to 5 female artists on their official "Women of MP3.com" station. Erika Amato and Velvet Chain were chosen for the month of August 2001.

VC Shows Up In Two "Buffy" Publications
Velvet Chain's name and likeness appear in the first edition of a new Buffy-themed comic book by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson called "Willow and Tara." The issue is called, "WannaBlessedBe." To see what it looks like <click here> Also, Velvet Chain was referenced in a new "Buffy" novel by Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte called "Unseen: The Burning."

VC's Music In Independent Feature Film, "Just Plain Fate"
Several Velvet Chain songs have been used in a recently completed indie film called "Just Plain Fate," which is currently being worked to the festival circuit by its producers. This romantic comedy employs several VC tracks, including: "You Got Me," "Strong," "Time and Days," "Treason," and "Walk On Water."

Velvet Chain's Enhanced Live CD in "ProSound" Magazine
Respected recording industry magazine "ProSound" did a writeup on Velvet Chain's "super enhanced" Live CD alongside Eric Clapton's live album "Reptile," Shawn Colvin's album "Whole New You," and other major releases notable for their innovative production and recording techniques. For info on VC's Enhanced Live CD <Click Here>

Velvet Chain Establishes International Street Team Program
Via their website and email Velvet Chain has successfully established a "Street Team" program with Velvet Chain "Street Teamers"all over the world helping to spread the word about the band by handing out Velvet Chain stickers and telling people to go the the website. Currently there are over 120 Velvet Chain Street Teamers worldwide. To see the Velvet Chain Street Team webpage
<Click Here>


Erika Amato and Velvet Chain win in www.flickmusic.com Stargazer Awards
Erika Amato won Best Vocal Performance for "My One Desire," Velvet Chain's new single, and the only studio track from the band's recent Enhanced live album, "Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar." Erika won with 7,342 votes. In addition, Velvet Chain won for Artist of the Year, with 8,240 votes.

Velvet Chain Releases "Super-Enhanced" Live Album
On Dec. 1, 2000 Velvet Chain released a full-length Enhanced live CD entitled, "Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar." <Press Release> This new album completely captures the band's live energy and contains 7 tracks recorded at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA, 3 "lounge versions" recorded live in the studio, and Velvet Chain's blistering new single, "My One Desire" (studio track). Currently the album is available only on the internet. Orders for the album can be placed at the VC Store on this site.

In addition to the 11 music tracks, this Enhanced CD contains 20+ minutes of live video from the Temple Bar performance (QuickTime Movie), plus a Flash photo gallery with over 75 pictures. This CD is unlike anything else out there, and represents the freedom and creativity still alive and well in the independent music scene.

For those of you who have never seen Velvet Chain live, the band can be notably different than on their studio recordings, making this album even more interesting. Also, the recording quality is remarkably high for a live album. Check it out: <Music>

Velvet Chain Live Video
With the help of video director Art Freed, Velvet Chain has completed a live concert video containing 4 songs recorded at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica. This video is an authentic representation of the band's live show and is designed to look, feel, and sound just like you're at a Velvet Chain club gig in L.A. This 20+ minute video is included in the QuickTime format as an enhancement on Velvet Chain's new Live CD. The video includes the songs, "Come To Me," "Frenchie," "Don't Leave A Diva," and a new version of the song "Strong." Check it out: <Video>


Velvet Chain's "Moody Groove Music" nominated as Best Pop Album by the 2000 L.A. Music Awards
The L.A. music awards took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 21, 2000. For more information about the L.A. Music Awards, please see their website at http://lamusicawards.com

Velvet Chain music used in new MTV Show, "Live Through This"
Several Velvet Chain songs from "Moody Groove Music," "Warm," and "The Buffy EP" have been used in the new MTV series "Live Through This," which began airing on August 9th, 2000. Songs used include "Watching You," "You Got Me," "Medicine Man," "Don't Leave A Diva," and others. More songs will likely be heard in upcoming episodes.

Velvet Chain's "Moody Groove Music" Album
In April, 2000, Velvet Chain released a full-length studio album entitled, "Moody Groove Music." Hot on the heels of the 200,000 plus selling Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack album -- which included the Velvet Chain song, "Strong" -- "Moody Groove Music" was a well-timed release for the band. With a huge online fan base and significant exposure from the Buffy disk, sales of the album have been brisk. Fan response to the album has been overwhelmingly positive.
<Fan Reviews> Currently, "Moody Groove Music" is available at www.velvetchain.com and other online locations. <Click Here> for additional info, and to hear audio samples from album.

"Beyond Time" Video
In April, 2000, Velvet Chain completed a self-produced video for their retro-groove-pop tune, "Beyond Time," from the "Moody Groove Music" album. Working with video director Art Freed, footage was shot on location in the Arizona desert, at various locations aroung Los Angeles, and at the Key Club in Hollywood. The video can be viewed/downloaded at www.velvetchain.com <Beyond Time Video>

Velvet Chain song "Strong" on Buffy Soundtrack
The Velvet Chain song "Strong" appears on the official "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" soundtrack, released by TVT Records on October 19, 1999. <Press Release> Velvet Chain is prominently featured as the fourth track, directly after the mega-band, "Garbage." To date, this release has sold over 200,000 units worldwide.

Velvet Chain's "Buffy EP" Distributed Nationally
Velvet Chain's "The Buffy EP" is currently available at Tower Record stores and many other retailers. Velvet Chain's full-length album "Warm," is also available in many record stores nationwide, and on various internet sites.

Velvet Chain Headlines Third Annual Buffy Posting Board Party
This is an annual charity event organized by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Posting Board Committee in association with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This year's event was held on February 19th at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. The event is a direct product of the Internet, and is attended by "Buffy" fans from all over the world who know each other from the "Buffy" online Posting Board. The event is also attended by many of the cast, crew, and production people associated with the show.

Several Velvet Chain Songs used in "Fashion Television" TV Show
The Velvet Chain songs, "Don't Leave a Diva," "Watching You," "Strong," and others have been licensed for use in the television programs, "Fashion Television," and "Ooh La La," which air nationally in Canada, and domestically on E-Television. Some Velvet Chain songs have aired already, additional songs will air in the future.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Velvet Chain was prominently featured in an episode of the top WB series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." This episode has aired several times, giving Velvet Chain repeated national exposure.

"Warm" Album
Velvet Chain's debut full-length CD "Warm," was released in December 1997 and is currently available in many stores across the country. (National distribution through Valley/DNA). The "Warm" album contains 10 tracks plus 3 remixes.

U.S. Tour
In the fall of 1997, Velvet Chain completed a 24 date, 6-week U.S. tour including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Lincoln, Iowa City, Chicago, DeKalb, Ithica, New York City, Princeton, D.C., Richmond, Atlanta, Austin and Albuquerque.

Frenchie Vinyl
In April 1998, Velvet Chain released several mixes of its popular club track "Frenchie (Crazy Music)" on vinyl. This vinyl was available in DJ-oriented record stores throughout the U.S., and on the Internet. The extended mix of "Frenchie" appears on "The Buffy EP."

VH-1 / Sparkle Lounge
In August 1997, Velvet Chain appeared on the VH-1 television program, "Sparkle Lounge," with Mike Meyers' band, "Ming Tea," from the "Austin Powers" films, and other celebrity performers. Velvet Chain wrote and performed the show's theme song, and was the "house band" for the show.

ESPN Television
On May 2/3, 1998, Velvet Chain completed taping for ESPN's Pro Beach Hockey series, nationally broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2. Velvet Chain is seen on 6 separate airings.

For contact information on Velvet Chain <Click Here>

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