The Aquarian, New York
October, 1997

Pop and soul that'll have your booty swaying and add a little shimmy to your step coming straight at ya from the City of Lost Angels. Warm subtly but surely slips into your senses and adds a little Nutrasweet to your neurons causing an aural euphoria that's more potent than any sugar sweet cornpop that has passed through my mailbox in recent weeks.

This CD offers an inside look at the modern pop side of L.A. that is often overlooked thanks to the bad rep that the glam bands have brought to Holywood & Vine. Velvet Chain is the kind of danceable power pop that causes body parts to shake while simultaneously infecting your lounge lizard leanings with its keen keyboards and pensive percussion.

For Pixie-Stix pop and sultry blues-based soul, skip over the latest alternadoll female-fronted band and pick up the real deal, Warm from L.A.'s Velvet Chain.

--Sean Coulter

Daily News
"Sound Check"

December, 1996

Another imaginative local outfit notching up a sturdy reputation in the clubs is Velvet Chain, whose debut album, "Groovy Side" (Freak Records) reveals surprising depth and musicianship.

The band boasts a welcome 60's feel... Standouts ripe for radio include "Time and Days," "Treason," and the title cut.

The focus here is on Erika Amato's at times whispery delivery, but credit must also go to the inventive playing/arranging of Jeff Stacy, who wrote or co-wrote the 10 songs.

--Fred Shuster

Hot City Magazine
"Velvet Chain at Spaceland"

November, 1996

I love live shows like the one Velvet Chain puts on. They don't burst onto the stage and into your life in a mad fury - they are a more effective slow burn. They ease their way through your veins, enticing you with a shadowy jazz-like groove rock, and before you know it, you're drawn in and drooling in your drink. Like a lava lamp, their music is syrupy and smooth, yet the underlying simmering heat is always present, causing it to bubble up and burst into a highly danceable and colorful funky jam at any given time. Velvet Chain is one of those rarities in Los Angeles; they don't just put on a performance, they create and paint an experience for everyone within their realm.

--Jen Hitchcock

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