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1 Come to Me ~ Live
2 Frenchie ~ Live
3 Sour Times ~ Live
4 You Got Me ~ Live
5 Don't Leave A Diva ~ Live
6 Treason ~ Live
7 Strong ~ Live
8 Come to Me ~ Lounge
9 Little Sugar ~ Lounge
10 You Got Me ~ Lounge
11 My One Desire (studio cut)

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The original, enhanced version of Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar is sold out. The audio CD and the VCR video are currently available separately.


Velvet Chain Live at the Temple Bar

This album contains 7 live tracks recorded at Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA on Aug. 4, 2000. It also contains 3 "lounge versions," recorded the night before at Sound Asylum Recording Studio, and one studio track recorded at Sound Asylum about a month later.

The idea to make this album, and the primary impetus behind it came directly from the band's engineer and friend, Steve Werbelow, who owns Sound Asylum. Steve got it into his head that Velvet Chain should have a live record - and he kept talking about it all the time - and one night, after about 50 beers, he committed to doing it for way too cheap. The band, of course, immediately agreed, and the Temple Bar gig was set up practically before his hangover was gone - and that's how this album came about. Steve showed up at the gig about 3 hours early with a big pile of recording equipment, plugged it all in and recorded the show.
Now usually, if you want to record a live album that's going to be any good, you plan on recording more than one show. This is simply a matter of practicality, since capturing the ultimate live performance of any song typically takes more than one try. This is where the "lounge tracks" came in.
Jeff Stacy figured that if Steve recorded an entire Velvet Chain set, there would be at least 4 or 5 tracks strong enough to put out on a CD, but to expect more than that was probably a bit overly optimistic. So the solution was to go into the studio for one night and record the band playing live, with no overdubs. To make it even more interesting, he proposed that the songs be played as if the band were performing on "MTV Unplugged." In Velvet Chain terms, this means "lounge versions" -- softer drums, slower tempos, acoustic guitars, modified arrangements, and various other adjustments.
Between the live gig and the live studio recordings, there would probably be enough releasable material for a live E.P., and with some luck, maybe enough for a full-length album. As it turned out, there are 7 live tracks, 3 "lounge" tracks, and a studio track added for flavor.
This album is probably about as far from a "corporate" product as you can get in terms of concept and sensibility. It is the result of an indie band and their engineer experimenting and just doing what they want because they want to.
The "country-swing-lounge" version of "Strong," (Track 7) was intended to be one of the "lounge tracks," recorded in the studio. However, the band played it on a whim at the end of the Temple Bar show, and this is the version that ended up on the album. Where it came from to begin with... who knows.