Walk on Water
Words by J. Stacy
Music by J. Stacy and E. Amato

You could walk on water baby, ohh yeah
If you could walk away from me
ou could move a mountain baby, ohh yeahIf you could ever move me
Ohhhhhh, ohh yeah...

You could tame a tiger baby
Can't you see
ight not be enough for me
O hhhhhh, ohh yeah...

You were alone, when you were falling
Heaven knows, the chips are falling now
A ll alone, cause you love me
I let it go
A nd you kept going
Y ou kept going...

You'll be waiting 'round forever
f you're waiting 'round on me
You could light the world on fire
f you could ever light me...

In the middle of a thousand people, oh yeah
You will only see me
You could have a thousand lovers, oh yeah
It will always be me
Ohhhhhh, ohh yeah...

40 to 60 second excerpt

Full-Length MP3